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1. Liability for content on the website and
As a service provider according to the Telemedia Act (TMG), we are responsible for our own content according to the generally applicable laws. We are not responsible for third-party information that we transmit or to which we provide access for use. However, we do not have to monitor third-party information, nor do we have to determine whether certain circumstances indicate illegal activity in relation to this information. Our obligation to remove content or to block the possibility of using information under certain conditions remains in part in accordance with general laws. In any case, however, we are only liable from the point in time at which we become aware of a specific legal violation.
Liability claims against us relating to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the content offered here or the use of incorrect or incomplete content are fundamentally excluded.

Paragraph I General Terms and Conditions for Rent
1. Terms and Conditions , Offer, Conclusion of Contract
1.1 The rental of fitness equipment and devices is based solely on these terms and conditions. Deviating terms and conditions of our contractual partners are hereby rejected. 1.2 Effective rental contracts only come into existence through written confirmation by AP-World Bittner Winfried. Changes and additions to the contract as well as ancillary agreements are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by AP-World Bittner Winfried.
2. Start of the rental period
2.1 The rental period begins at the latest on the day on which the equipment with all parts necessary for its commissioning has left the AP-World Winfried Bittner warehouse or by AP-World Winfried Bittner for delivery to the customer, depending on the written agreement with the customer Collection has been provided for the customer. 2.2 If a device group (technical functional unit) is rented, item 1 applies accordingly to each individual device in the group, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 2.3 At the point in time in accordance with Section 2.1, the risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration is transferred to the lessee. 2.4 AP-World Winfried Bittner is entitled
3. Takeover of the device, notification of defects, liability
3.1 The lessee can inspect the device at his own expense before taking it over or before sending it off. Upon acceptance, he has to examine the device for operational and perfect condition, to notify any defects immediately and to notify AP-World Winfried Bittner in writing. 3.2 Obvious defects can no longer be complained about if AP-World Winfried Bittner has not received a written notice of defects within three calendar days after collection or arrival of the device at the destination. 3.3 In the event of a timely and justified notification of defects, AP-World Winfried Bittner will remedy the defects himself at his own expense or have them done by the tenant at his own expense. Whenever the defect is remedied, the rental period is extended by the time from the notification of the defect to its removal. 3. 4 In the event of a defect reported in good time and for which AP-World Winfried Bittner is responsible, the renter can reduce the rent proportionally for the time the device fails. All further warranty claims of the tenant, in particular damages and non-contractual claims, are excluded. 3.5 If AP-World Winfried Bittner is in default with the provision or dispatch of the device, the renter can never damage the delay, even if AP-World Winfried Bittner is guilty of gross negligence.
4. Working hours
The lease term is extended by the idle time – parental leave. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the tenant must pay a rental price reduced by 90% of the normal rent for the period of inactivity. The rent reduction can only be considered if the tenant notifies AP-World Winfried Bittner in writing of the seasonal times (closing times) and their resumption in good time and provides evidence of the closing times on request by means of documents.
5. Rent calculation and rent payment
5.1 The agreed rent is only for the rented device. The value added tax and all additional costs are calculated separately. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the rent and the ancillary costs are to be paid in advance. The same applies to any change in the rental period. All payments have to be made without deduction. Payment instructions will only be accepted after a special written agreement and only on account of payment with the calculation of all collection and discount charges. Incoming payments will be offset against the claims (costs, interest, damages, rent) at the option of AP-World Winfried Bittner. For each reminder after default, the customer has to reimburse the costs of EUR 10 each. Several tenants are jointly and severally liable for all obligations. 5.
For this purpose, the tenant must allow access to the device and its removal. The return of the device by AP-World Winfried Bittner does not affect the contractual obligations of the lessee. AP-World Winfried Bittner reserves the right to claim further damages. 5.3 A right of retention or offset against the claims of AP-World Winfried Bittner is only possible if the tenant’s counterclaim is undisputed or has been legally established. 5.4 Transport billing: If the rental device is delivered by a vehicle from AP-World on behalf of the customer, the hourly fare agreed in the rental contract will be charged. This also applies to provisions of devices to AP-World Winfried Bittner.
6. Security, authorization
6.1 To secure all current and future claims of AP-World Winfried Bittner, the tenant hereby assigns to AP-World Winfried Bittner his claims against his client, for whom the rented equipment is used, in the amount of the total agreed rent plus 25% security retention. AP-World Winfried Bittner hereby accepts the assignment. 6.2 AP-World Winfried Bittner is entitled at any time to inspect the device during normal business hours at the tenant’s or at the place of use and to check its condition.
7. Additional costs, limitations of liability
7.1 The tenant has to pay all additional costs, in particular costs for loading and unloading, transport, fastening, operating materials, cleaning, etc. together with the rent plus VAT, unless otherwise expressly agreed in this regard. 7.2. If a limitation of liability is agreed, but no deductible is entered in the rental agreement, then up to a purchase value of EUR 30,000.00 10% of the purchase price of the rental property, with a higher purchase value 5% of the purchase cost, but at least EUR 500.00 as a deductible. 7.3 If no limitation of liability is agreed, the renter is liable for any damage to the rental device (regardless of whether caused by the renter or a third party) during the rental period. If no limitation of liability is agreed, the lessee is obliged to insure the device for the duration of the rental period against damage of all kinds, insofar as it is insurable, for the benefit of the lessor and to present the insurance company’s cover letter to the lessor before the start. The insurance policy must be presented to the lessor within 14 days at the request of the lessor. If a case of damage occurs, the tenant must notify the landlord of this immediately, stating the time and cause of the case of damage as well as the extent of the damage. If the lessee insures the rental device for his own benefit, the lessee hereby assigns his claim to the insurance benefit to the lessor, so that the lessor can claim the damage directly from the insurance company. 7.4 The agreement on the limitation of liability excludes damage, caused by grossly negligent or willful behavior and damage caused to third parties with the use or the defect of the rental object. 7.5 The loss of the rental object when renting is also excluded from the limitation of liability. 7.6. Liability for damage / downtime due to failure of the rental machine is expressly excluded.
8. Obligations of the tenant
8.1 The lessee is obliged to handle the rented device properly and in accordance with the contract, in particular to protect it from overstressing in every way, to ensure proper and professional maintenance and care of the device as well as necessary repair work immediately and properly using Have original or equivalent spare parts made at his own expense. AP-World Winfried Bittner must be informed immediately by the tenant as soon as there is a need for repairs of any kind. Without the prior written consent of AP-World Winfried Bittner, the lessee is not entitled to have repairs carried out by external companies at the expense of AP-World Winfried Bittner, nor to make changes to the rental object, in particular additions, conversions or installations, or to remove labels. The renter is not entitled to sublet the rented device or to give it to third parties other than hotel guests in any other way without the prior written consent of AP-World Winfried Bittner. The renter is also not entitled to move the rented device to a location other than the contractually agreed location without the prior written consent of AP-World Winfried Bittner. 8.2 The lessee is also obliged to ensure that the rented device is only operated by suitably experienced specialists. Operating materials, cleaning agents, etc. must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and AP-World Winfried Bittner and must always be of perfect quality. The tenant has to protect the devices against the effects of the weather outside of the usage time and to ensure adequate security. Factory-prescribed inspections of devices and machines must be reported to AP-World Winfried Bittner in good time and the lessee must allow access to the device during normal working hours, without taking downtime into account. 8.3 If a third party accesses the rented property (seizure, seizure, etc.), the lessee is obliged to notify AP-World Winfried Bittner immediately and to inform the third party of the ownership of AP-World Winfried Bittner. The intervention costs are borne by the tenant. In the event of a breach of the notification and notification obligations, the tenant has to compensate for the resulting damage. 8th. 4 In particular, the tenant’s attention was drawn to all accident prevention regulations. The landlord assumes no liability for breaches of accident prevention regulations by the tenant.
9. Termination of the rental period
9.1 The rental period ends on the day on which the device with all parts required for its commissioning arrives at AP-World Winfried Bittner or another destination, at the choice of the lessor, in a proper and contractual condition, but in no case before the agreed rental period has expired. If a specific rental period has not been agreed, the tenant must give prior notice of the return of the rental property in accordance with the agreement. 9.2 If a return delivery is made directly to a new tenant, the rental period ends on the day the device is dispatched by the tenant in a proper and contractual condition. 9.3 The rental period is extended in any case by the time in which repair work of any kind is carried out on the rental object at the customer’s or at AP-World Winfried Bittner’s as well as in the case of securing and decommissioning.
10. Breach of the maintenance obligation
If the device is returned in a condition that is not proper or in accordance with the contract, AP-World Winfried Bittner is entitled to repair the device immediately at the expense of the lessee. AP-World Winfried Bittner reserves the right to assert further claims for damages.
11. Termination / Withdrawal
From the contract. If the tenant is in default with an agreed payment or other service, we can withdraw from the contract by means of a registered letter while simultaneously granting a grace period of at least 8 days, counted from the dispatch of the letter of withdrawal. In addition, we can withdraw from the delivery without setting a grace period if bankruptcy or compensation is opened for the tenant’s assets or if we become aware of circumstances in the tenant’s economic circumstances that no longer appear to us to be sufficiently secure for the resulting claim. If the lessee is already in possession of the goods, he must return them immediately, carriage paid. If he does not comply with this obligation, we are entitled to collect the goods from him – also at his own risk and expense – and the buyer waives the right of retention, deprivation of property or disruption of possession. For the period from the transfer of risk to the return of the goods to us, the tenant has a usage fee in the amount of the local rental fee as well as compensation for the damage and other depreciation of the goods for any dismantling and transport costs that we may have incurred to pay any other damage caused to us by the cancellation of the contract. The amount of the damage and the reduction in value will only be determined by us in a professional manner. If the tenant cancels the contract, when accepting the cancellation, we are entitled to either the damage suffered, to claim lost rent or a 30% cancellation fee. In the case of open-ended contracts, 3 full calendar years are calculated as the basis.
Default in payment The tenant is in default in accordance with the statutory provisions and by means of a reminder.
The default interest is 12%.
13. Loss of the rented item
If it is impossible for the renter to fulfill his obligation to return, he must, at the option of AP-World Winfried Bittner, provide Winfried Bittner with an equivalent replacement device or pay compensation (replacement value).

14. Product liability
The obligation to pay compensation under the Product Liability Act or the like. or product liability claims derived from other provisions for damage to property or products acquired by the customer as an entrepreneur are excluded.
15. Special provisions for special and large equipment
15.1 The assembly of devices that are delivered dismantled must be carried out by the representative of AP-World Winfried Bittner at the expense of the lessee; the same applies to dismantling upon return delivery. 15.2 The renter has to request a specialist from AP-World Winfried Bittner to reimburse the costs for the commissioning of the device and for the instruction of the operating personnel. 15.3 If, due to external circumstances for which AP-World Winfried Bittner is responsible (weather conditions, construction site conditions, etc.), the planned work (e.g. assembly, dismantling, etc.) cannot be carried out on time, additional costs (personnel, auxiliary equipment, etc.) for a new appointment at the expense of the tenant. This also applies to the conclusion of a flat rate for such ancillary services.
16. Other provisions
16.1 Austrian law applies exclusively to all legal relationships between AP-World Winfried Bittner and customers. The place of fulfillment is the respective rental station. 16.2 The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes with registered traders, legal entities under public law and persons who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany is Steyr / Upper Austria. 16.3 Should individual provisions of this contract or parts thereof be or become fully or partially ineffective, the validity of the rest of the contract will not be affected. The ineffective provisions are to be replaced by effective provisions that come as close as possible to the ineffective and the rest of the contract in factual, legal and economic terms. The same is to be done if the contract shows an unforeseen gap.
Paragraph II General Terms and Conditions Sweepstakes and the like….
Thank you for your interest in our homepage and our work. Despite careful content control, we cannot accept any liability for external links to third-party content. The protection of your personal data during the collection, processing and use on the occasion of your visit to our homepage is important to us. Your data is protected in accordance with legal regulations. You will receive the free information and offers at the e-mail address you have given. If you have any questions about the content, please contact the respective advertising partner and cooperation partner directly about the selected offers and information, as in most cases AP-World is only the sender of the embassy and has no knowledge of the content of the offers. The AP-World initiative – assumes no liability The respective partner is solely responsible for guarantee or responsibility for the content of the offer. If you no longer wish to receive selected information in the future, please unsubscribe using the support email address provided. Responsible for the content is: AP-World on behalf of the advertising partner contact office Oberer Markt 5 3335 Weyer / OÖ.

In the case of competitions via the Internet platforms or flyers or advertisements, the following applies in principle: Conditions of participation and implementation
§ 1 Conditions of participation
(1) Entitled to participate are persons of legal age, in the case of minors
(2) the consent of the legal guardian is required.
(3) A person can participate in the competition by answering all competition questions and filling out the registration form in the forms provided for this purpose. The participants are responsible for the correctness of their information, in particular the address, telephone number and email address, and age. The raffle responses and the registration form must be received within the specified period. The electronically recorded receipt of the raffle submitted on the respective internet server serves to meet the deadline.
(4) All personal information must be truthful.
(5) There is no legal entitlement.
(6) No correspondence can be conducted about any campaign, in particular competitions.
§ 2 Exclusion from the competition
(1) Employees of the respective partners and their relatives are excluded from participation.
(2) People who violate the conditions of participation will be excluded from the competition without giving a reason.
(3) Persons who use unauthorized aids or otherwise manipulate the game are excluded. In this case, winnings will be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.
(4) Participants with incorrect personal information will be excluded from the competition.
§ 3 Implementation and Processing
(1) The winners will be notified in writing and agree to the publication of their names on the websites provided for this purpose and to other PR activities; the transfer of the stored data to future partners is approved.
(2) Entitlement to the prize expires 4 weeks after the winners have been notified in writing, unless they do so. The entitlement to the prize also lapses if the prize is not claimed within the specified period, but no longer than 4 weeks after the notification is made.
(3) A cash redemption of the prizes is not possible.
§ 4 Prizes & Determination of Profits
The determination of winnings takes place in camera. No cash redemption possible.
§ 5 Premature termination of the competition
The operators of the internet platform reserve the right to cancel or end any competition at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. We make use of this option if, for technical reasons (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hardware and / or software) or for legal reasons, proper execution of the game cannot be guaranteed. The operators reserve the right to claim damages against those persons who make it necessary to stop the game immediately.

§ 6 Data protection
(1) Participation in the competition requires registration of the participant. In order to be able to take part in a competition, it is essential to register. There is no entitlement to registration. By registering, the participant expressly agrees that AP-World and Partner may save the personal data provided, use it for business purposes and transmit it to the respective partner and possibly future partners, who may also save the personal data. Each participant is free to revoke their consent to the storage and use of their data using the support email addresses provided.
(2) The personal data of the participants in the competition are subject to the Data Protection Act and telecommunications secrecy.
§ 8 Miscellaneous
(1) The judges’ decision is final.
(2) Austrian law applies.
(3) A subsequent amendment to the rules of the game as well as changes to the material prizes and the deadlines for participation in the competition are expressly reserved.
(4) If a user steals the identity of another user by pretending to be that user, choosing a similar username or entering comments, emails, videos, etc. as this user reports, this is viewed as a violation of the terms and conditions of this site. With Ev. The user has to reckon with the consequences.
(5) The content of this page was created with the greatest care. Unfortunately, any errors or incorrect information can never be excluded. Any claims cannot be asserted. Information is gladly accepted.
(6) Errors excepted, there is no legal claim.
All content is subject to copyright protection. Duplication, even in part, is prohibited without written approval. Status 1/2020

Paragraph III General Terms and Conditions Advice and mediation etc.
1. General principles / scope
1.1 These general terms and conditions apply exclusively to all legal transactions between the client and the contractor (management consultant). The version valid at the time of the conclusion of the contract is decisive.

1.2 These general terms and conditions also apply to all future contractual relationships, even if this is not expressly referred to in additional contracts.
1.3 Conflicting general terms and conditions of the client are invalid unless they are expressly recognized in writing by the contractor (management consultant).
1.4 In the event that individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are and / or become ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions and the contracts concluded on the basis of them. The ineffective one is to be replaced by an effective provision that comes closest to its meaning and economic purpose.

2. Scope of the consulting assignment / representation
2.1 The scope of a specific consulting assignment is contractually agreed on a case-by-case basis.
2.2 The contractor (management consultant) is entitled to have the tasks incumbent on him performed in whole or in part by third parties. The third party is paid exclusively by the contractor (management consultant) himself. There is no direct contractual relationship of any kind between the third party and the client.
2.3 The client undertakes not to enter into any kind of business relationship with persons or companies that the contractor (management consultant) uses to fulfill his contractual obligations during or up to three years after the termination of this contractual relationship. In particular, the client will not commission these persons and companies with such or similar consulting services that the contractor (management consultant) also offers.

The client’s duty to provide information / declaration of completeness 3.1 The client ensures that the organizational framework conditions allow the consulting process to be carried out as undisturbed as possible and conducive to the rapid progress of the consulting process at his place of business.

3.2 The client will also inform the contractor (management consultant) comprehensively about previous and / or ongoing consultations – also in other specialist areas.
3.3 The client ensures that the contractor (management consultant) is provided with all the documents necessary for the fulfillment and execution of the consulting assignment in a timely manner and that he is informed of all processes and circumstances that are important for the execution of the consulting assignment . This also applies to all documents, processes and circumstances that only become known during the activity of the consultant.
3.4 The client ensures that his employees and the legally stipulated and possibly established employee representatives (works council) are informed by the contractor (management consultant) prior to the start of the work.

4. Ensuring independence
4.1 The contracting parties commit themselves to mutual loyalty.
4.2 The contractual partners mutually undertake to take all precautions that are suitable to prevent the endangerment of the independence of the third parties and employees of the contractor (management consultant). This applies in particular to offers by the client for employment or the acceptance of orders on his own account.

5. Reporting / Obligation to report
5.1 The contractor (management consultant) undertakes to report to the client on his work, that of his employees and, if applicable, the third party commissioned, in accordance with the progress of the work.
5.2 The client will receive the final report in a reasonable time, ie two to four weeks, depending on the type of consulting assignment after the assignment has been completed.
5.3 The contractor (management consultant) is not bound by any instructions in the production of the agreed work, acts at his own discretion and on his own responsibility. He is not tied to a specific place of work and no specific working hours.

6. Protection of intellectual property
6.1 The copyrights to the works created by the contractor (management consultant) and his employees and commissioned third parties (in particular offers, reports, analyzes, expert opinions, organizational plans, programs, service descriptions, drafts, calculations, drawings, data carriers, etc.) remain with the contractor (management consultant) . They may only be used by the client during and after the termination of the contractual relationship for the purposes covered by the contract. In this respect, the client is not entitled to reproduce and / or distribute the work (s) without the express consent of the contractor (management consultant).
6.2 The client’s violation of these provisions entitles the contractor (management consultant) to terminate the contractual relationship prematurely immediately and to assert other legal claims, in particular for injunctive relief and / or compensation.

7. Warranty
7.1 The contractor (management consultant) is entitled and obliged, regardless of fault, to rectify inaccuracies and deficiencies in its performance that it becomes aware of. He will inform the client of this immediately.
7.2 This entitlement of the client expires after six months after the respective service has been provided.
8. Liability / Compensation
8.1 The contractor (management consultant) is liable to the client for damage – with the exception of personal injury – only in the event of gross negligence (intent or gross negligence). This also applies mutatis mutandis to damage caused by third parties called in by the contractor.
8.2 Claims for damages by the client can only be asserted in court within six months of becoming aware of the damage and the damaging party, but no later than three years after the event giving rise to the claim.

8.3 The client has to provide evidence that the damage is due to the fault of the contractor.

8.4 If the contractor (management consultant) performs the work with the help of third parties and warranty and / or liability claims arise against these third parties in this context, the contractor (management consultant) assigns these claims to the client. In this case, the client will give priority to these third parties.

9. Confidentiality / data protection
9.1 The contractor (management consultant) undertakes to maintain absolute secrecy about all business matters of which he is aware, in particular business and trade secrets as well as any information he receives about the type, scope and practical activities of the client.
9.2 Furthermore, the contractor (management consultant) undertakes to maintain confidentiality from third parties about the entire content of the work as well as all information and circumstances that have been received in connection with the creation of the work, in particular also about the data of clients of the customer.
9.3 The contractor (management consultant) is released from his duty of confidentiality towards any assistants and deputies he uses. However, he has to completely transfer the confidentiality obligation to these and is liable for their breach of the confidentiality obligation as for his own breach.
9.4 The duty of confidentiality extends indefinitely beyond the end of this contractual relationship. There are exceptions in the case of statutory disclosure obligations.
9.5 The contractor (management consultant) is entitled to process personal data entrusted to him within the scope of the purpose of the contractual relationship. The client guarantees the contractor that all necessary measures, in particular those in accordance with the Data Protection Act, such as declarations of consent by the data subjects, have been taken.

10. Fee

10.1 After completion of the agreed work, the contractor (management consultant) receives a fee in accordance with the agreement between the client and the contractor (management consultant). The contractor (business consultant) is entitled to submit interim accounts in accordance with the progress of work and to request advance payments corresponding to the respective progress. The fee is due upon invoicing by the contractor.
10.2 The contractor (business consultant) will issue an invoice entitling the input tax deduction with all the legally required features.
10.3 Any cash out-of-pocket expenses, expenses, travel expenses, etc. are to be reimbursed by the client against the invoice of the contractor (business consultant)
10.4 If the agreed work is not carried out for reasons on the part of the client, or due to a justified premature termination of the contractual relationship by the contractor (management consultant), the contractor (management consultant) retains the right to payment of the entire agreed fee minus saved expenses . If an hourly fee has been agreed, the fee is to be paid for the number of hours that can be expected for the entire agreed work, minus the saved expenses. The saved expenses are agreed at a flat rate of 30 percent of the fee for those services that the contractor has not yet performed by the date of the termination of the contractual relationship.
10.5 In the event of non-payment of interim accounts, the contractor (management consultant) is released from his obligation to provide further services. However, this does not affect the assertion of further claims resulting from the non-payment.

11. Electronic invoicing
11.1 The contractor (management consultant) is entitled to send invoices to the client in electronic form. The client expressly agrees to the sending of invoices in electronic form by the contractor (management consultant).

12. Duration of the contract
12.1 This contract ends with the completion of the project.
12.2 Regardless of this, the contract can be terminated at any time for important reasons by either party without observing a period of notice. In particular, an important reason is to be regarded
– if a contractual partner violates essential contractual obligations or
– if a contractual partner is in default of payment after opening insolvency proceedings.
– if there are justified concerns about the creditworthiness of a contractual partner for whom no insolvency proceedings have been opened and the latter neither makes advance payments at the request of the contractor nor provides suitable security prior to the performance of the contractor and the poor financial situation was not known to the other contractual partner when the contract was concluded.

13. Final provisions
13.1 The contracting parties confirm that they have provided all information in the contract conscientiously and truthfully and undertake to mutually inform each other of any changes without delay.
13.2 Changes to the contract and these terms and conditions must be made in writing; likewise a departure from this formal requirement. Verbal collateral agreements do not exist.
13.3 Substantive Austrian law is applicable to this contract, excluding the reference norms of international private law. The place of performance is the place of the professional establishment of the contractor (management consultant). The court at the place of business of the contractor (business consultant) is responsible for disputes.
The Association of Management Consulting and Information Technology recommends the following mediation
clause as a business-friendly means of dispute resolution: (1) In the event of disputes arising from this contract that cannot be settled by mutual agreement, the contracting parties mutually agree to the out-of-court settlement of the conflict with registered mediators (ZivMediatG) with a focus on Economic mediation from the list of the Ministry of Justice to be consulted. If no agreement can be reached on the selection of the business mediators or on the content
legal steps will be initiated at the earliest one month after the failure of the negotiations .

(2) In the event that mediation does not take place or is canceled, Austrian law applies to any legal proceedings that may be initiated.
All necessary expenses incurred due to prior mediation, especially those for a consulted legal advisor, can be claimed as “pre-litigation costs” in court or arbitration proceedings.

BIKE-Rent – conditions

Rental terms and conditions of the BikeRent – TopOfSports – AP-World – Stand 11/2020
• You use the bikes at your own risk. Damage caused by the bike must be borne by the renter. For example, soiled clothes due to missing chain protection or the like.
• The bike is checked for functionality and safety upon acceptance, especially the braking system and stability.
• The bike is returned in a clean condition.
• Subletting against payment or free of charge is not permitted.
• Changes and modifications to the bike are prohibited.
• Participation in races – private or public – is prohibited.
• The bike may only be used by the renter or the assigned person and may not be ridden by third parties. Parents are responsible for their children. Also for young people who use the bike without permission and without the consent of their legal guardians.
• All legal regulations in Austria must be obeyed.
• The tenant is liable for all personal injury and property damage, including accident and liability damage as well as for negligent, grossly negligent and willful action. He acknowledges that the landlord is neither liable for the listed possible damage nor for unforeseeable events during the rental period.
• The tenant is also fully liable for personal injury and property damage that he inflicts himself.
• There is no legal entitlement to special promotions or a refund of the rental price for whatever reason.
• In the event of late return, an additional rental day will be charged.
• In the event of damage, the tenant is fully liable for both theft and damage, including repairs. The possible insurance of € 5 can reduce the deductible to € 50 in the event of tire damage and repairs up to € 200. For all other damage including theft, there is a € 100 deductible.
• It is recommended to wear a helmet
• The legal regulations in Austria must be observed.
• Claims for damages of any kind cannot be asserted.

Version 11/2020 – In the case of new terms and conditions, the existing version becomes invalid.


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