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  • The BLACKROLL  ®   BLOCK (without content)

    is a multi-purpose tool with an open underside in which a BLACKROLL  ®   MINI or BLACKROLL  ®   DuoBall 8 cm and a BLACKROLL  ®   Ball 8 cm can be stowed.

    • As a   Self Myofascial Release Tool  : to use the BLACKROLL  ®   Ball, BLACKROLL  ®   DuoBall or the BLACKROLL  ®   MINI (calves / Achilles tendon) to  penetrate  deeper into the tissue and to target hard-to-reach muscle groups
    • Functional training tool
    • As a yoga block: as an extension, as a support to find balance in poses or to relieve the back during meditation

    Possible combinations:

    • 1 BLACKROLL  ®   MINI with a   BLACKROLL  ®   ball 8 cm
    • 3 BLACKROLL  ®   balls 8 cm
    • 1 BLACKROLL  ®   DuoBall 8 cm and a   BLACKROLL  ®   Ball 8 cm

    BLACKROLL  ®   balls, BLACKROLL  ®   MINI, BLACKROLL  ®  DuoBalls are   not   included in the scope of delivery.


  • 30 cm (l) x 15 cm (w) x 10 cm (h)


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